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Shoe Repairs

Heels & English heels

Heel replacement (men)
Replacing the layer of rubber on the heel of the shoe
English Heel (men)
The back half of the heel is rubber and the front half is leather. The heel is lowered or raised
Reset heel (men)
Heel taps either in rubber or metal plate are placed on the part of the heel that gets worn out the quickest
Broken Heels (women)
When the stem of the heel splits or cracks, new steel rod is put in to keep it strong and re-attach pieces of original shoe

If heels are beyond repair, we can replace them and cover with new leather

Half Soles
Replace worn sole with leather or rubber - the original welt( very top part of sole connected to the shoe) and form of the shoe are not changed
Back Lining
reline around the heel either leather or suede
Back binding
is the back rim of shoe around ankle at the top of heel, we reinforce with leather binding

New insoles made of leather either 3/4 length or full length

New inner patch for holes on inside of shoe


  • Straps - sandals, sling backs can be reattached if lose, or shortened if too big.
  • The angle of straps can be changed to grip foot differently and more comfortably
  • Punch extra holes for shoes
  • Elastic can be replaced or shortened - and can be put in straps if they aren't big enough
  • Broken straps can be stitched or patched
  • Replace deck shoes

Tips - Toe of shoe

Replace the front tip of shoe with either leather or rubber as needed

Taps can also be placed on front of shoe to prolong wear

Full Soles (men)

  • no seam- replace the whole sole
  • rubber soles-thin protective rubber protects and prolongs the life of the original sole-(variety of thicknesses)
  • Flats, Driving shoes, slippers-full rubber sole in one piece

Re-stitch anything that comes undone

Can remake tassels-or reattach

Shank Replacement - metal bar that runs inside the shoe to give the shoe its strength

Wedges can be placed on the outside or inside of the shoe to redistribute the wearers weight and even wear of shoe


  • Metatarsal pads - inside
  • Metatarsal bars - outside of shoe (rocker bars)
  • Arch support (also called cookies) made

Shoe Stretching, width and in the toe


  • Taper the backs-boots must be measured on the customer to insure proper fit
  • Tops can be cut down if they need to be shortened